What Do the lonely do at Christmas? Anything they want!!!!

What do the lonely do at Christmas? ANYTHING THEY WANT!!!

Tis the season to be jolly

But how can I be when I have nobody

The yuletide carol doesn’t make it better

Knowing that we won’t be together

A silent night, I know it’s gonna be

Joy to the world but it’s gonna be sad for me…

treeFor years, I have heard the song; “ What do they lonely do at Christmas” by the Emotions, this time I sat and really listened -thinking to myself; What do the lonely do at Christmas? As I thought more on the subject, the question changed to why would they(singles)have to be lonely anyway: Bad broke-up? Have no place to spend the Holidays? Love one passed away but that shouldn’t keep them in the funk of loneliness…maybe they aren’t happy within themselves? Mmmm…this thinking is getting deep.

I have been Single for Christmas and when I wasn’t…it felt like I was but that’s another article. During the years I was truly “single”, I had more time to spend with my family and friends, more time to do the things I wanted to do without having to include someone else’s plans or on someone’s time. Being single, you can spend an evening hoping from kitchen to kitchen enjoying the fabulous flavors of the season. I know when night fall you may get a feeling of wanting someone to curl up by the fireplace or the electric heater, but that’s only for a moment, but if it continues you can go on several dates; call it the 12 dates for Christmas (lol) but don’t let the “THOT” in you attend the dates, ok.

Another thing about being single during the Holidays besides the dates, you can buy your own gift without being sunny_beach-02disappointments -asking for the purchase slip to return it…you already have it…lol. You can host the most fabulous Christmas Party and invite all your ex’s without backlash, or take a trip to a Sunny destination to see all the outstanding gifts God created around the World. There is no need to be lonely for Christmas, get your mind together and stop letting whatever happened to crush your spirit…it’s too many distracted to be sitting in front of the television drinking “Kinky”/ “Circo” sobbing over pasted events. Put on your best outfit and have a great time.

More importantly, if you really need some comfort for Christmas…Jesus is the reason. If you are dealing with heartbreak or loneliness, in which, you can’t shake; Jesus is the One to confide in…He will listen and heal all that pain of rejection and emptiness you feel. It is too much  to be grateful for, but if you enjoy chilling at home during the Holidays, make sure to think of all the Blessings God has given you and don’t allow negativity to creep -bring sadness to you in your moments of reflection.

If you are single, we would like to know how you keep your Holiday festive…

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