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Elan of Eulalia


 What is the meaning of Elan of Eulalia?

Élan is a noun of 19th century French origin that means energy, style, passion, vigor, & enthusiasm. Eulalia is a feminine name of Greek origin that means well-spoken. Eulalia is also the street name of Élan’s current location.

 How does Elan of Eulalia differ from other boutiques?

Elan was founded to bring unique fashion to the working woman at reasonable prices. Many boutiques, designers, and businesses make this claim. One aspect that makes Elan of Eulalia unique is that the boutique is organicly homegrown, both literally and figuratively. We do not want to be in a commercial location, thereby eliminating overhead costs, which normally get passed on to the consumer.elan1

Our standard mark-up is minimal, just enough to cover our costs and maintain the business. Many have called our unorthodox practices “crazy,” even suggesting we raise our prices because our pieces are so unique. However, it is precisely because we here at Elan of Eulalia both love what we do (along with the fashion industry) and understand what it’s like to be a working woman, that we keep our prices reasonable.

Rarely do you find high-quality fashion pieces as unique as ours, for prices as low as ours. This is feedback we hear from our clients over and over again.

elanphotoAfter closing your previous business to take care of your daughter, was it hard to start over? how did you do it?

It wasn’t. I’d been wanting to get back into the fashion buying business for a while. After my daughter was finished with college I felt the urge once again, and this time I asked myself what was stopping me? I started with $300 and a dream. In just over a year’s time, the business has seen more success than I ever planned for or envisioned.

 What is it about fashion that drives your emotion?

I just love to see women look good. I love for women to be able to get unique fashion at very reasonable prices.  You shouldn’t have to break the bank to look great! Shopping & fashion has always been a passion of mine, so to be able to offer some of my own unique fashion and style to other women at very reasonable prices is something that excites and motivates me everyday. This is truly my passion.

Would you give the next inspiring artists advice in making their dreams come true?

Yes!!! Of course! I’m working with an 11 year-old now who is living her dream. I’m mentoring her. One thing I realized is that if you are able to make a living pursuing your passion, it never becomes a job. I would love for more and more people to be able to experience that. I’m always trying to help others in anyway I can. I didn’t have any mentors when I first began; I’ve experienced things both with and without mentors, and help and advice from others in your field who have had already traveled the path of success is a blessing. I believe in paying it forward and blessing others.

My mantra is, “It’s always a blessing to be a blessing to someone else.” I live by this!!

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