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Let me introduce you to ReddMerge Accessories
RYG: Who is ReddMerge Accessories?

RM: Our goal at Reddmerge is to merge fabulous fashion accessories with both male and female figures who wish to be dominate in public society. Currently, we’ve launched three exclusive collections that include carefully chosen textiles and elements that bring to life our fashion forward clientele and always showcase originality. ” The REDD MAXX “ collection is designed for the edgy and daring client, while our “REDDMERGE Bridal Couture” collection is painstakingly tailored for the Bride and Groom who want Luxury to set the statement while stepping away from the standard. Finally, our “REDDMERGE Bonded Bowtie” collection is a fun Twist on a Fashion Trend that dares to blur gender lines.

RYG: How long have you been designing your pieces?

RM: I have been designing my own pieces for the last year.

RYG: Where do you get your inspirations?

RM: I get inspirations from Museums, from traveling to various countries and experiencing different cultures. I also revive the everyday pulse of the city are jolts of inspiration for my creative juices if your open to seeing things in a new light.

RYG:What sets ReddMerge apart from others designers?

RM: I design what I would like to have in the future with nods from the past in exciting textiles and forms. Reddmerge is the statement piece that sets you apart from others.

RYG: Did you encounter any obstacles on your journey?

RM: I had a fear to start. I was fearful of criticism good or bad. I had a strong fear of failure procrastinating.  If so, how did you overcome? I had to have a firm conversation with my mom, my family, best friends, and last with myself (which it was the most important conversation I was afraid to have and it should have been the first) A firm look in the mirror while cleaning out my closet 3hours later and I was focused.

RYG: How long have you been in the New York area?

RM: I have lived in New York for 12 years, with 3 careers, 2 college degrees, 1 new home, and large family later.

RYG: What are some words you live by for success?

RM: I firmly believe in random acts of kindness, it’s a simple plan if everyone is preforming random acts of kindness it will eventually eliminate violent acts, just by setting a good example and inspiring others to do the same.  I also push for greatness so that when someone opens a door you must view it as an opportunity to deliver amazing work. Graciously walk through and hold open the next door for someone else

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