Do you have a little VIXXEN in you?

Vixxen by Vonaie Fashion

Jaye “Mz’Jaye” Pearson, Owner

The vision of VIXXEN is to inspire assertiveness within all women -encouraging self-confident as well as self-love for the person you are. Enjoy the little VIXXEN in you!

Tell us about the products in the Vixxen Line?

Vixxen is a Full Beauty Brand that is Animal and Cruelty Free our items which includes Beautiful Bold Color Nail msz4Polishes, Corrector and Concealers, Prep and Primers, Foundations various, Finishing Powders various, Mineral Makeup various, Bronzers, Highlighters, Blushes various, Lipsticks various, Lip Primers, Eye liner, Eye shadow various, Makeup Remover, Lip gloss various, Lip Liners various, Lip Sugar Scrubs, Eye Primer, Eyelashes various, Eye Brow’s various. Our Bath and Beauty Products which includes Body washes, Skin Care Facial Cleanser for Men and Women, After shave wash Men, and Lingerie up to plus sizes.

What are some misconceptions of beauty?

Unfortunately, Society and some Media Markets  has placed “caution yellow tape”, which says you have to look better than average… no one is perfect. Weight, height, color, creed, sexuality all play into self- doubt vs self -worth. We want to let everyone know, “you have beauty, regardless what others see or say”.


How does your products help inspire women and men?

Because everyone has some naughtiness within… my Brand caters to both Men and Women for a Intimate day or night with their partner. I have everything to make something special for both where you can shower together with our unisex bathing products, cleansing your face, nail polish for his and her manicures or pedicures, and Sexy Lingerie.

How can women be a little Vixxen without the backlash from society?

Feeling your Confidence starts within. We are here to bring  out your more sexiness and boldness…not looking for the approval of others. It means loving who you are and being happy and content in your own skin. Society, will always have something to say no matter how you live.

Do you have any upcoming events or product launching?

Yes, Fashion shows, Book launch in November with a Women Soirée included. I have my Unisex Bow Tie Launch in December. Also, my Radio Show will be relaunching soon.msz1
photos provided by TRW Photography/Shineka Miller

 Being sexy is for others. Feeling sexy is for yourself.

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