Tyrant, the Basics of Grinding..

I had the chance to hear this young man @Oxygen Ultra Lounge. His stage presence captured my attention but more so; his sound was familiar with a hint of something new.  Here is a little more about Tyrant’s musical journey.

Tyrant started writing music around the age of 6 or 7. He has always used music to express his innermost thoughts…so, it was no surprise to his parents 2 years ago that he would add music to his writing to become one of the hottest Hip Hop Emcees in Maryland.

Grinders, don’t think Tyrant is just a showman but his is also a workman -expanding his craft by attending The Sheffield Institute of Recording Arts majoring in Audio Engineering.

Do you remember above I said he has a familiar sound…So, I asked him about that sound.

ty1Your sound is similar to “Eminem”. In what ways do you separate yourself from the Artist?

Tryant:  Having a sound similar to Eminem well, that’s an honor to even be remotely compared to him. I grew up listening to him from “The Slim Shady” to his most recent “The Marshall Mathers”, but my all-time favorite album is the first “Marshall Mathers”. I think more than separating myself from him I embrace his work ethic and his raw talent to push myself. But if I had to separate myself from him, I’ll say all in all he’s a legend and his style could never be matched. I think I reach a different group of people than he doesn’t because of some of his explicit language, which some people may find offensive or obscene; it shouldn’t reflect on the raw talent of a MC, but does.

Have you encountered many oppositions in your musical journey? If so, how did you overcome them?

Tyrant:  I’ve had to overcome the doubt from a lot of my peers. Telling me ” you won’t make it ” or ” you’re a rapper… hahaha “. But with all the jokes and the doubt aside, I just let it drive me and push me closer to my dreams. I think I had the ” you can’t tell me what I can’t do or achieve” attitude, which make it that much more satisfying when big moments happen because not only are you reaching heights that no one including yourself thought you could reach really drives you to want more and always push yourself to defy the odds no matter what to keep pushing forward. Also, coming in a industry that is very selective and somewhat judgmental of white MC’s but once people hear me that all flies out the window because white, black, purple, or whatever color… it doesn’t matter cause the love of music will always blind true lovers of music.

I see you have a great support system. Did you form the love of Hip Hop from family? If not, where?

Tyrant: My support group is huge with a wide variety…my family who try to make it to as many shows as they can and my peers and fellow artists. If it wasn’t for them and my fans, I wouldn’t be where I’m now. I think once you have that wide spread support system…it pushes you even more because at the end of the day we are doing it for tyour family and friends. Oh, I got to shout out my Hip-Hop family… man! I got a lot of love shown to me from my producer Altonio ” Pimp ” Bateman at PimpNBeatz productions in Baltimore and the Artists I work with like; Undecyded, Dijohn, YR and the whole Tru2U Ent.; family who took me in and put me on stage for the first time.

Upcoming projects or events?

Tyrant:  I’m always working on new material. Right now, I’m in the process of finishing up my debut album “ST!LL BAS!C”; which should be out in May. So keep a look out for that. Also, I have a few mixtapes I’m working on with my partner Cameron KC in Orlando, Florida. But, I just kicked off my tour for my album all around Baltimore and will be and opening act on tour with Dijohn on his tour of his debut album release “Take #1”. My schedule is always very busy.

“If I had to choose any words of inspiration for new artists… just be you and do what you love and don’t let anyone try to change you. You are who you are and no one else defines that. As a wise guy once told me ” Every star needs darkness to shine”.  Think about it and you can do anything you set your mind to and as we evolve so does the industry… so don’t be afraid to be different.”

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