TSU Dance Crew (Thanksgiving Feast for needy families)

The Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Feast is a program of the Bea Gaddy Family Center, a homeless shelter and food pantry. In the past, the center has fed approximately 3,000 people on site, and sent out an additional 50,000 meals to people who cannot make it to the center.
The meals will be distributed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, beginning at 11 a.m. According to Cynthia Brooks, executive director of the Bea Gaddy Family Center, there are currently 10,000 seniors awaiting food on that day, and another 4,000 persons will be fed on site. Each person fed, whether on site or via meal delivery, receives a total of five meals.
Adding to this years entertainment, TSU Dance Crew will be performing for the Baltimore residents attending the Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Feast, 
According to Sammie Preston, Manager of TSU Dance Crew, the group wanted to use their talents to reach back out to the community, 
and there was no other better way to do it, than to help celebrate the legacy of Bea Gaddy which continues 13 years after her death. 
The dance crew does a little giving back of their own, Terry Wedington Lead Dancer of TSU Dance Crew, Teaches Inner City Youth kids & Adults Baltimore Club,
on Tuesdays and Sundays at BmoreFit Studio located In Security Blvd Area, helping to pave the way for the future of the baltimore dance scene, 
The dance crew goal is to help courage the Inner city youth kids & adults to dance, to keep positive and away from the dangers of Baltimore streets. thanksgivingdance
Over a course of time, It has grew important for TSU Dance Crew to be more involved in giving back to their community, the dance crew had appeared on Fox45 News in January 2014, as they spoke on how important the legacy of Dr.King was to be celebrated as they danced in the parade. 
TSU has partnered with Radio One Dj Angelbaby for the Get Pumped Movement High School & Colleges Tour, Encouraging Students to Follow Their Dreams,
and this Thanksgiving and Christmas season of being thankful and giving, the dance crew is working with the Bea Gaddy Foundation to give back to the community.  

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