Track Star

Don’t be a track star (jacked up hair weave)…lol


Let’s talk, hair weave disasters: I get so upset when I see anyone with their weave jacked up. Meaning I can see your track, darling!!!

If your weave is silk and your hair is kinky, your hair don’t match your weave, or your weave is older & cheap and matted, then you are a TRACK STAR!!!

Example: I went to a famous wing place and everyone was looking awesome in their t-shirts and shorts. The ladies’ make-up and hair was nice. Until I saw her, “The Track Star”.  Her weave track was showing –like her hair was kinky with silk weave; come on. Better than that, none of her co-workers told her about it.  I was trying to find a nice way of telling her –watching and thinking, watching and thinking. But, I didn’t say anything.

Don’t be a track star nor let your friends become on, it’s your Duty!!!!

If your weave it;clean it, maintain it, and check it –Represent!


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