Thomas Maksanty: A Flourishing Modeled Man!

Thomas Maksanty

Feature Photo: Yama Terrell

My Twitter is: @maksanty

My Instagram is: Tommy Maksanty
My website is WWW.TommyMaksanty.COM
My Facebook is:tommy Maksanty
Photographer: Gene Tolan

Grinders, let me introduce you to the amazing landscape of Male Models; Mr. Thomas “Tommy” Maksanty. He was nominated as one of RepYoGrind Awards 2016 Male Models of the Year…his features are an artistry that I find AWESOME!!! lol. Let’s take a trip into this Modeled Man of fashion.

RYG: Who is Thomas Maksanty outside of the Runway and cameras?

THOMAS: I have been a landscaper for the last decade and started modeling three years ago. I am driven, independent, and laid back; all at the same time.  I live in Woodbridge, VA and am very close to my family.

RYG: How did your career in fashion begin?

THOMAS: Three years ago I met a model at a party and she recommended I start doing photo shoots.  From there I started runway modeling in DC before heading to New York the last two years for NYFW.

RYG: What are some misconceptions of the fashion industry in a male’s Perspective?

THOMAS: Misconceptions, are that modeling is always glamorous, sexy and that I make a lot of money but this isn’t always the case.  Often, I don’t have time to eat running from event to event, there is a lot of standing around and waiting, and clothes don’t always fit, as I am 6’ 8”.  

Photographer: DW Snapshot

RYG: Give us one of your most honorable moments. Upcoming events?

THOMAS: Mr. NYFW2016.  It’s given me amazing opportunities and exposure. My next show is saturday January 7, 2017.

RYG: What would you tell future Male Models about sustaining in the fashion Industry?

THOMAS : Network your butt off! It’s important to get exposure in the beginning, paid or not. But, don’t quit your day job.(smiles)

               Word of Inspiration: Follow your dreams and don’t get discouraged.

*All photos submitted by Tommy Maksanty

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