Think before you speak…

At the beginning of any project or business, you have excitement with a tiny bit of nervousness but you press on. Soon you see your ideas taking shape; your paint is on the walls or your sign just arrived, then here come Ms. Busy body or Mr. Negativity saying: don’t do that, No that’s ugly, & If it was me. You just want to say, shut up!!!!

My mom always told me; when God gives you an idea, it’s not for everybody. Now, I’m telling you the same. When you have a vision, you can’t tell everybody your plans, not even your friends. Friends get jealousy or don’t understand everything you doing. If you find yourself surrounded by people that always have negative words about your passions or ideas, remove yourself before it ruins your future. I know that may be hard to do, but you have to get around positive strong minded individuals that will push you towards your plans not away from them.

So, think before you speak…and go for your VISION!!! Even, if you have to step out alone.

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