The Name Speaks for itself…

Illadelp, Hip Hop Everythang

Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, serving 12 years reaching the rank of Sergeant. Stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 2002, he connected with Mark Thompson who ignited his thirst for music and recorded, “illadlep” and “False Prophet”.

Photos by: Mark Thompson, Jr
Barber: Coley Newkirk

He adopted the stage name “illadelp” because he viewed himself as one of the illest artist who represented Philadelphia. Combining the two, the world was introduced to illadelp. Returning back to the states, his dream of being in the music industry slowly died, but the fire to record and write remained. Just when he was done dreaming about getting his music heard, he reconnected with Charron Monaye, who pushed his music forward. Since then, illadelp has recorded countless number of music, worked with various indie artist and has his music in rotation on both internet and satellite radio, and performed at numerous open mic’s. He has also performed at The Coast2Coast mixer in Atlanta, The Shed in Atlanta, The iStandard industry mixer in Washington DC. Has Auditioned for The Voice in Atlanta and New York. He released a mixtape entitled “I’m Ready” host by Dj Truuf, which can be found on and has received over 24,000 downloads. His Music has also received placement on other mixtapes as well. Coast2Coast Top indie 50 where he placed in the top ten, Philly More Artist Than Fans hosted by global Grind, Hip hop Ressurrection hosted by Dj Genous, Converse All-star Mixtape Hosted by dj Truuf. Nuthin but Bars hosted by Dj C-Rock and released his second mixtape entitled, “Two One Five” which can also be found on

Illadelp also is being considered for a Grammy nomination for song of the year. For his song “Living, Loving, Laughing my way through” the lead track for the spoken word CD of Charron Monaye called Living, Loving, Laughing my way through. In addition, his music was selected to be played in the stage plays, “Living Your Life” written by Charron Monaye. All of Illadelp’s music is written and performed by him. Finally releasing his first single Father’s Love featuring Kismet Henderson.

Illadelp is also working on a book of poetry called Gumbo of Love. On January 1, 2013 He embark on a new career as a radio personality on which plays music from indie artist from across the globe, and he is also a Host for UrbanSociety showcase Mixers. He is determined to leave a successful legacy for his four beautiful daughters. Unique, Cherish, Kylese and Jordan. If you ask Illadelp for a word that would encourage the heart’s of other indie artist. He would say “Know who you are in God. Stand on the promises of God. Remembering you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Never ever give up! Pressing to greatness fuels the life line of success. “

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11 Replies to “The Name Speaks for itself…

  1. Illadelp need to be heard by the masses. His positive music has to be heard in our community. All these negative hip hop artists are clones of each other. Illadelp is a newer version of artist like Mos Def, QTip and Common. BRING THE BALANCE BACK TO HIP HOP ASAP.

    1. A man is Just a man. As a man think so shall he be. we as writers players of instruments singers, let me put it this way, great people are not ordinary people the do things different, and Christopher Is just different he is a genius Big up your self.

  2. I had the privilage of going to school with mr.illedelpTwoonefive and as a child he was very talented and i knew even back then that he would go far.I am glad to see that he is continueing with his love for music and pray that he continues to be blessed.I to this day still enjoy listening to him sing and hope to hear much more of him.

  3. congratulations to you Keep up the good work,and may God keep blessing you on all your endeavors ! Fyi I love poetry …

  4. Illadelp got that grown folk style, that fatherhood style. Can’t wait for the new line and new music to be released! Keep it up Illadelp! Still supporting you!

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