The Meredith Vieira Show

The Meredith Vieira Show

The Meredith Vieira Show is great!!! I give her two thumbs up!

The Meredith Vieira Show, premiered on September 8, 2014 (day before my birthday, just wanted to let you know), produced by NBC University Television Distribution.  The show has live music and gooooood exciting conversations that seems to revolve around crazy situations and sex. I told you it’s good.

The first show, Meredith seemed a little nervous –understandable but it seemed as if the materials weren’t her own. So, I decided to wait to blog until the following week…I am so glad I did. As the shows went on the better and better it became; Meredith got her grove –engaging her audience with truth about her bizarre incidents…like peeping outside and being seen by church folk. Funny!!  She had my attention…I felt –I finally got a chance to meet the real Meredith and that is what we need –real!!!

Oh, her guests were/is off the chain…Lil Jon, Neal Patrick-Harris, Christopher Meloni, 50 Cents, Train, and many more.  The Meredith Vieira Show will be around for years but I wish she would move to night, and then we could really have a talk show….

Congratulations Meredith

The Meredith Vieira Show;  weekdays 11AM on WBAL

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