The Beast is in the Beat

James Minor, Music Producer

Whether it is spoken word, theater, singing or sculpting new music for the future; James Minor will always and forever be known as a Renaissance Man, boldly breaking boundaries and moving others to do the same. James Minor will be the modern day Mozart of our time. (full bio on reverbnation)

jamesminor2More about James in His words…

I was born in PG County and raise in Baltimore, Md.  From an early age I was interested in the arts.  From dancing, singing, poetry, raping to playing the piano. When i  was 21, I joined the United States Air force where I am currently employed.  I have traveled the world far an wide and shared my interpretation of music in such places as, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain just to list a few.
Never really being concerned with becoming famous, but how to share my interpretation of music to the masses. I mean if being famous happens im not gonna turn it away.  But really my goals are to produce great music that invokes mankind to set aside personal differences and enjoy the beauties of life.  Sounds like  a hallmark card I know. Honestly, I relish in watching people enjoy life.
My Career goal is not only to produce music but to provide a suitable and comfortable home for my new family. I was recently married in April of this year an i have a 5 year old stepson, with a new addition in Nov. (Another Boy).
THANK YOU to all of the friends, family and fans for believing and for the continued support of the music. If you don’t love the music TELL ME, if you do love the music tell a friend- and tell a friend to tell a friend. Your loyalty and support has not gone unnoticed!

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