Sweet Treats…


Provided by: DJ Twizz

Hosted by: Comedian MsLady Renee Brooks

August 9, 2014

1808 Woodlawn Dr. Ste. W

Woodlawn, MD 21207

Had a wonderful time at Confektion, Hosted by DJ Twizz. The atmosphere was laid by and comfortable; everyone was in toned with all the activities that was going on. Speaking of talent…ThreeCrown Entertainment; Roderick Pinkett, was in the building with artists: Dria and J. Sully. You know J. Sully was smooth and awesome, and Dria add to her performance by overcoming mechanical difficulties with a  acapella piece that knocked the socks off everyone.


Also, the poetry in the house was moving and emotional…spiting their feeling with every word. Freedom Writer was funny and keep the audience attention and Kondwani Russell had everyone in tears with the roller coaster of his life journey.

The food was provided by Flight ( American Fusion Resturant & Bar), 5723 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Host: Comedian MsLady Renee Brooks


Now, I want to talk about the host, Comedian MsLady Renee Brooks, she did a incredible job keeping the audience engaged and laughing. I really enjoyed how she took the current situation and made everyone laugh about…not using rehearsed matter, which made it fresh and funny.

Vendors in the house: Quicha’s Berries had divine strawberries and CVKsquared with their astonished cupcakes and cakes.


It was a great evening… S/O to Skylyne Models Mark 

Photos of attendees:





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