Success is the Motivation to Succeed…

Jay McGraw; Producer, Artist, Manager…

M.A.M Records

Photo by: 5/1 Photography

Jay McGraw is a Producer, Manager (M.A.M. Records), Artist, Photographer, etc. This young man is motivated to succeed not just for self, but also for artists who are striving to express their craft. Here is our interview:

RYG: What does M.A.M. mean in M.A.M Records?

jaymamJM:It Stands for Motivated Artist Making Records.

RYG: In what way does M.A.M Records differs from other labels?

JM: I fill we differ from other labels because we actually work with the artist to develop there skills and help them learn the business side of the industry.

RYG: Do you feel Artists are losing their drive to succeed in this industry?

JM: Yes, a lot of artist these days get burned out quick because they don’t pace themselves. This is a marathon race not a sprint to the top.

RYG: What are some ways M.A.M Records support the community?

JM: We have a contest running right now Music Icons of Black History for the youth 4 years of this contest. We also for 5 years been doing our Back to School Giveaway for the kids and same for our Thanksgiving Drive and Christmas Drive where we give away we go into the projects and go door to door and offer food and toys.jaymam2

RYG: How can we as media help promote artists better?

JM: Just by giving artist a platform to show there talent. With M.A.M. we’ve done radio interviews for artist who never had one.

RYG: Have you encountered any negativity? How did you overcome?

JM: Of course I had other labels steal my artist or my artist in fights or drama with other artist. I overcame it by staying true to what I believe in what my label have to offer.

RYG: Words of inspirations?

JM: Stay true to yourself and remember to stay humble, smile everything will work out if you stay different. #mogulfacts #factsonly #bossstatus

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