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Shanelle Sara’Nita Williams

Hairstylist/Author/Screen Writer/Actress

Baltimore, Maryland

Shanelle became a model at the age of 5 years old, attending multiple shows with her mom.  Due to the unfairness of the industry, her mom decided to pull her out of the life. When Shanelle became a little older she started modeling again, acting, and writing screen plays but during her 9th grade year discouragement set in once again.DSCN0119

After high school she decided to follow her other passion –hair styling.  But after she obtained her Cosmetologist license, her father passed away; she encountered heartache –never having the chance to tell him how much she loved him.

All those issues had her in a state of depression, but one day she was driving and a voice said, “You supposed to be a star”.  Thinking she is going crazy …lol; she made up her mind to live her dream of becoming a professional writer. Shanelle got an opportunity to attended workshops with Actress Tasha Smith of  “Why did I get married 1&2” called “The Emotional Dump”,  Tasha showed Shanelle much love, but traveling back  and forward from Baltimore to New York became a little much. At the age of 20 Shanelle packed and moved to New York; a year and a half later, things started falling apart again, but we should know; NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY.

DSCN0123Shanelle moved back to Maryland, writing and waiting; styling and creating…working with actresses and actor, producers, co-writing screen/stage plays.  Then her chance came to write her own screen play, which she is now turning into a book. It took her 3 years but “Easily Enticed” is here for every reader -twists and turns; ups and downs. This book is awesome and  will be ready by fall 2013 for purchase, be looking out for it. She is also writing a life experience play called “Justin about friends she lost and the few that remind.


Shanelle sends special thanks to Abeni Nazeer, Director; Social Culture Publicity (PR)


Speaking with Shanelle, I could feel her passion and drive to make her writing –speak out, I enjoyed interviewing her. Everyone please stay tune for the release date of “Easily Enticed” by Shanelle Sara’Nita Williams.

Things Shanelle is doing:

“Hood Dreamz” film written by Anita Foster, Directed by Elvin Gray

Stage Play : Cheating on my Mistress” by Shalonda Dupsonshanelle2

Black Girl Production

July 14, 2013,Allendale, VA check for location

Words in Style…REPRESENT!!

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  1. Go head nelly im so happy to see u taking wat u want from this world. Keep up the good work u will always have a supporter in me.

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