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Grinders, RepYoGrind is elated to share words from Mr. Cooli Hi; a very passionate  man about music, life, and his community. Here is our interview with the men…finally out of the switch.

How did you start in music?

I started writing and performing at the age of 10. I was very involved in the local rap circles in the late 90’s (in a group called Shock Trauma) and finally got my big break in 2001 when I was signed to RCA Records and featured on Sisqo’s 1st single from his sophomore album RETURN OF DRAGON entitled “Can I Live” produced by Teddy Riley.

What happened to the world of R&B (love songs)? How can we bring it back?

I believe the world of R&B still exist. It just isn’t “popular” anymore. Music has changed (on purpose). I believe the “industry” shifts the music the way they want the world to reflect. A sick game because honestly, they can sell any sound they want if the shove it down your throat. We used to call it “brainwashing” back in the day. If you hear a song all day everyday on the radio, eventually you will find yourself humming, singing and eventually liking it. They’re choosing sex over love because that’s the direction they want us to go.
We can’t bring it back because its “their” show! We can create it, listen to it, perform it, etc but until “they” decide it should be popular again, it will always have a ceiling.

 With so many negative lyrics being heard, how do you encourage the audience with your lyrics?

My past recordings all had negative influences. It wasn’t until I became of age (mentally & spiritually) when I started to be more conscious of the messages I was sending. My children were younger when I made music with negative influences. Once they became older and were able to quote my own lyrics back to me; it was then when I received my first reality check. I still struggle from time to time but I would like to think I’m moving in the right direction.

Do you feel the love of music is being corrupted by the love of money? How can we rectify this problem to bring back the joy of music?

There will always be two parts to this puzzle. The MUSIC and the BUSINESS. The business will always be primarily about generating revenue. Nothing else matters. That’s what businesses do. On the other hand, the MUSIC is the artist responsibility to protect and reflect whatever message their heart desire but its a thin line when you’re trying to stay true to your music and eat at the same time. That’s why I’ve chosen not to eat thru music. I’ll work my 9-5 and make the kind of music I LOVE. I’m cool with that.

Listening to your music, bought back memories and a feeling of your words. What is one major disconnect in music today?cooli1

The major disconnect is HUMAN NATURAL EMOTIONS. Love, pain, joy, sorrow etc. Everything today is just for today. No connection. That’s why its so easy to forget. Sam Cooke can still be played and felt because he and others of his time tapped into human emotions. That will never go out of style because that’s who we are. HUMANS.

 Are you working on any projects or upcoming events?

My new project is called “Stuck In The Switch” A project that’s shows the battle inside of me trying to do right when I’m always tempted to do wrong.

 Words of inspiration…

To all aspiring artist…. “In the mist of pursuing your dreams, please don’t forget to live”.  Dwayne “Cooli Hi” Jones

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