Spotlight: The Boy Blesst…(The Secret’s Out!!!)

The Boy Blesst AKA The B-L-Eeez

Performer, Songwriter, and visionary of Reign Music, Inc.

The Boy Blesst is a Master Lyricist with a old school smooth vibe mixed with a 21st Century rockin’ flare. Even though, he has had his share of Trials and Tribulations, he has developed  into a tongue twisting force to be reckon with….! Blesst hard work shows his determination to be THE LYRICAL LEADER THAT REVIVES THE LOST BREED!!!!


This entrepreneur has A&R’d himself the last 8 years with 14 projects, and numerous mix tape features to hone his lyrical chops. His street sensible mindset, unique voice, and conceptual creativity has made him a “StandOut” in an over saturated league of cookie-cutter mc’s. After moving to Atlanta for about 5 years then returning back to his hometown, Blesst has worked with some legendary producers and artist such as Mr. Fingerz (Ja Rule & Jay-Z), Phantom Boys (Flo-Rida, Christina Aguilera), and The Lost Boyz own, Mr. Cheeks. He has positioned himself to be the spokesmen of those striving to conquer the everyday struggle.  Blesst is the brand-new throwback to lyricism, and what it truly means to be a mix of the old with the new.  After releasing 2 free projects via datpiff (Lost Art Vol.1 & 2), Blesst was crowned Best MC of 2011 by Baltimore’s city paper. The “B-L-Eeez” turned the page in 2012 and delivered his 5th solo album entitled “The One” that is still blazing trails, turning heads, and opening doors for the Baltimore bread MC. He is currently tearing down stages from city to city and filming his first feature DVD Musical entitled UndΣniAblΣ. Motivation, rseverance, and the pursuit of perfection has Blesst giving the world a look into Baltimore’s hip hop like never before. @theboyblesst******

Represent Impeccable Grind….

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