Spotlight: Skillful Creator…

Shineka Miller, Creations & Photographer

Baltimore, Maryland

When I first met this young lady, we hit it off right away. Shineka is business organized and she will speak her mind….lol, I love her personality.  Here’s a little about her journey…


srm1 In 2006,  Shineka started SRM Creations (handmade baskets,pillows, etc) to make extra money while in college. It all started one Christmas when she created some baskets for her family and after doing that…she started selling to her friends and fellow college students; everyone loved her creations and continued to ask her to open a business.  So after thinking about it, Shineka did exactly that and over the years her business has grown sufficiently. Now, she has incorporated other items to her SRM CREATIONS catalog that include but not limited to: specialty baskets, pillows, scarves, and custom, etc….


Shineka is not just a creator of gift sets,  she’s also a Photographer.  She first started as an intern then in 2007, she was hired by Timothy White, Owner of TRW Photography (5209 York Rd, Baltimore, Maryland) …. She is the glue that holds everything together.  Oh, did I tell you, Shineka has a Bachelor in photography from Maryland Institute of Art.  Oh Yeah, she does!!! 

srmShineka is a True grinder all the time!!!

Whether it’s creating gifts or memorable photos her skills speaks for it’s self.…#teamrepyogrind #Skillfulcreator

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