Spotlight: M.J.Withers….All on Me!!!

M. J. Withers, Lyricist



Since the age of 10 years old M.J. Withers been writing songs & rapping; proving he is a well-rounded Master Lyricist. The music that accompanies his lyrics draw you back to chilling on the block with the boom box blasting and playing street ball.

Project Info:          Mjwithers1

“Past Times & Hard Liquor” is an eight track EP by Maryland Emcee M. J. Withers. The EP explores topics of defiance, doubt, confidence, partying and storytelling. All tracks are composed and arranged by M. J. Withers, showcasing his ability to put sounds together effectively. Guest appearances on the EP are by fellow Maryland rapper ceeMAJOR and songstress Jasmine. Production on the EP is handled by Maryland producers Xiom and Keishh, as well as M. J. Withers.

I went through several of MJ’s tracking and noticed how his skill constantly evolve; keep you on your toes by not being a narrow flow of lyrics but a universal sound. His passion is expressed deeply in “Dark Nirvana”, a feeling of loneliness –often felt my some many during this season of homelessness, unemployment, and death. I ask everyone to go on this journey with M.J. Withers, he will expand your mind.



2 Replies to “Spotlight: M.J.Withers….All on Me!!!

  1. Ayeeee that’s the homie!! FINALLY getting the credit & shine he really deserves ! Been their from day one & still ridein with him yah herrrrrd. Lemme just say that everytime Jasmine gets on a MJ track she kills it every time!

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