Spotlight: Jon Locke “got this on locke”

Jon Locke, R&B Soul Artist/CEO

Locke Music Group

This Chicago native is determined to bring the smooth sexy sound of R&B back to the forefront. Locke comes from a heritage of Faith and Excellence and it shows in his lyrics and music. Locke strong musical background stems jlp1from his Father; Ruben Locke, Jr., who was a musician for the R&B, Grammy Hall of Fame Award Winning Group; The Impression and Blues Great; Tyrone Davis.  Following close in his Father’s footsteps as an artist, producer, and musician; Locke plays the saxophone, trombone and drum with an emphasis in piano.

jlpLocke has established his own label; “Locke Music Group”, and released a dynamic Album on May 27, 2014 entitled, “First Thought”. This album is a breath of fresh air –transporting you back to a place where music was music and love was expressed through action.  His sound truly astonished me to the point, I felt as if I was back in 1992… Senior year! You have to go and get this album… “First Thoughts”, is now my album of choose and it will be yours as well.

Shout Out to: Destiny Loyd

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