Spotlight: Brysha Mone’t

Brysha Mone’t (Singing Artist)


Brysha Mone’t Phillips (12) was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been singing since the age of 8 years old. Brysha and her family moved to York, Pennsylvania in 2009. In her 3rd grade year, she started playing the Viola but it wasn’t until her 4th grade year; when she sang “Fireworks” by Katy Perry, at her school’s talent show that she knew she wanted to sing and preform professionally.brysha

Brysha is now in the 7th grade and an honor student. She enjoy playing soccer and competing against other teams as well as hanging out with friends. Last year (2013), she led a song with the church choir “Because of Who You Are” by Vicki Yohe; everyone was amazed of the 12 years old powerful voice.

Brysha is now in the studio with Rod Pinkett of Three Crown Entertainment/Round Table Mafia. She is working hard to make her dreams a reality. Show your support & stay tune for her upcoming release….


 Brysha Mone’tDSCN0071

 February 9, 2013

 6:00 P.M.

 Charm City Direct Radio Show

 Host: Edigga

10 Replies to “Spotlight: Brysha Mone’t

  1. Awesome young female that has the talent to take it all the way…Keep up the good work Brysha!!! #teamrepyogrind

  2. Very special young lady, her talent will take her a long way because God has given her this voice and she wants to use it to thank him for it. I am proud of you.

  3. I’m so proud of my niece. Keep that sweet personality that u have. Always put God first n u will soar with the Eagles baby.

  4. so proud of my new artist sky is the limit for you.your whole team is behind you so keep working hard an show everyone what your made of

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