So Good at being Bad…Terrill Ross

Terrill Ross has been eager to entertain audiences all over for quite some time now. It was a passion that would open many of doors for the actor.

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During Terrill youthful days, he had the joy of singing. Yet, people within his environment saw something in him that would later change his life to the man we all know today.

Encourage by his friends to join the drama club, Terrill found a new and exciting love in Acting. “We practiced and practiced and I felt nothing during dress rehearsal…I was going through the motions, but during the play something happened with the sound and it forced me to act out a certain scene (I was playing a soldier) when the sound was fixed, I became that character. I could feel him I meant the words I said. Terrill recalls. It was over…an Actor was born.

November 2014, Triangle Web-series premiered on the Youtube network site earning forty-four thousand views. The web-series displays a diversity cast of love interests, family betrayals, new found friendships while others are being tested along the storylines. Terrill portray the charming yet sinister character; Clinton Saunders. “Clinton Saunders is the bad guy, the villain of Triangle, he is an opportunist that uses his good looks his body and intelligence to get what he wants, he is the bad guy…you have to watch because he is not to be toyed with and not afraid to get his hands dirty. He married the rich Heiress Phallon Davenport, who found out that Clint is cheating with a male and a female. Once confronted, he also realizes he is in denial about even being bisexual but once his wife finds out all hell breaks loose and the rest you just have to watch“.


The Opportunity for the show came when former school-mate and now co-star actress Christina Porter known for her role as Phallon Davenport contacted Terrill to audition.

” Christina and I went to high school and actually elementary school together we didn’t know each other in elementary school (laughs), she asked me to audition for the part of her husband. Tina was my high school crush (Laughing).  So, I jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history”.


Even though Triangle Web-series gave Terrill his breakout moment, he has done several staged plays and music videos.

Since working in the acting business many of lessons have come along the way. The first lesson requires an actor to never get comfortable to quickly to master any character you have to portray. One way Terrill found useful was to record himself rehearsing the lines until those scripted lines were believable.

Suggesting actors and actresses to take workshops and classes, “You never too good to get better“, say Terrill.terrill

In season one viewers was introduced to Clinton Saunders, Terrill was asked about the comparisons, “Seasons one people really didn’t know who Clint was or rather what he was capable of. But,  Season two let’s  just say the Boogeyman is here to play“.

When it comes to marketing his image Terrill has modeled for many photographers over the years.  Despite not being signed to any particular agency or union Terrill have had the pleasure of working with different photographers.

The Triangle web-series contains many elements that caters to the LGBT community. The media press and social network sites, and blogs has been pouring tremendous reviews to the cast and production team of the web series. ” The support from the LGBT community is extremely flattering and very supportive the viewers love the show and being the character they love to hate is pretty great expect for the part when they make comments like: I wish he was dead (Laughs).

The web-series has been honored several times now and the show is currently on its second season with the cast awaiting the debut on the out TV cable network in the UK.

When Terrill isn’t on screen playing Triangle villain Clinton Saunders he is a free spirit. A hard worker who believes when you take care of your business; your business will take care of you.

Terrill is the oldest of eight siblings, he is the motivator and consultant of his tribe.

Terrill lives by if you believe in your dreams, believe in yourself know that with hard work and God…all things are possible, go get it.

Sammie Preston, Blogger


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