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showkase3Show Kase da Barber

A young innovative motivated female barber that is often labeled with the phrase “cuts like a man”. She’s an artist and entrepreneur that knows that customer service is the primary key to being successful not just in barbering but in any business. With only being apart of the hair industry for 5 years she has combined a gift and love for art from pen and paper to the hair and clippers. Her style is a combination of color & precision. With being an unknown female barber the first two years she had to gain respect in a dominate male industry. For 4 years straight she dressed like a man always covered up to express that she didn’t have to dress seductive to get clientele. To make herself known  participated in 2 hair shows, and won her first place award in the year of 2012 in the Wahl International Clipper Competition in Al-sip, Illinois.This year she recently just hosted  her own 1 category barber battle this November. It was very successful and she is excited to do it again November 16th of 2014.

Show Kase da Barber is also passionate about marketing, advertisement, film, acting, singing, dancing, cooking, mentoring and giving other opportunities to experience prosperity in every area in the life. Show Kase da Barber encourages the next female starting in this part of the hair industry is to market themselves everyday and stand out even their surroundings wants you to stay with the rest of the crabs in the barrel.

“Be the best by learning from the best around you, make it your goal to become better than those who teach you. Don’t just offer hair cuts, master everything from sew-ins to dreads, makeup to facials. Most men wont do the extra to make more income. Never ever stop seeking to learn from different cultures and combine  your inner and outer beauty with every hair cut, design, and client. You don’t have to dress seductive or sell yourself short to bring in income, I believe and know for a fact that you can be sexy and still present yourself with respect, and that’s what men really do respect. Never share all your ideas with your peers, most people wont respect it, or worst just because your a woman men will often take credit for something you created. Stay encouraged, most men like female barbers simply because we have a detailed eye and a woman’s touch.”


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