ShopTalk: Women vs Girls

Today in the shop the conversation was the difference between women and girls. Being the only females in the shop I often have to weigh in on the topics about women. You know I set things straight!!!

The conversation around the difference between woman and girls come about when a guy started telling us about this young lady he’s recently started dating. He said, she plays a lot of games and want to go out and eat all the time, she acts funny when he doesn’t call at least 3 times a day, and she always talking crazy and cursing; making him feel she has some anger issues.

While he was in the mist of telling us about his issue, an older gentleman said, “You need a woman”.  The younger guy said laughing, “She is a woman”. The older gentlemen said, “No that’s not a woman”. So he started to explain. A woman is complete in how she feels about herself and her life. She doesn’t need to hear from you all day long. She is secure in who she is and secure in how she will handle things when it seems to be going wrong. A woman is by your side and knows how to respect you as well as herself. She will never do anything to bring negative attention to her man and will always do whatever she can to help. I didn’t say anything because he was teaching.  The older gentlemen finished by saying, a woman is patience but don’t wait time, she firm with a gentle hand, and she love with lust for her man.

After he finished, I started clapping like I was at church…All I needed was a deacon to say preach…lol.

Now it’s time for you to tell me what you think!!!

How do you think women differs from  girls? 

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