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Brandon Jones, CEO

The Self Made Magazine

Baltimore Native Brandon Jones spent the past four years putting in hard work and dedication on creating a magazine entitled “The Self-Made Magazine”.  The publication focuses on entrepreneurship from the business
aspect of Fashion, Art, Music and  Other Business.  This publication is devoted to helping business professionals run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Included in the publication are articles recognizing Black entrepreneurs, advice and articles pertaining to marketing, finance, business planning and business development. The Magazine is a testament not just for himself, but as well as the people who are publicized in the magazine, allowing any reader to feel inspired.

Jones stated, “These are regular people like you and I, who had a dream, and sought out to achieve that dream, no 10432147_10152558874326811_4649841056276868963_nmatter what the circumstances or challenges were”. The Message and feeling Brandon would like his audience to receive after reading The Self-Made Magazine, is Hope. He wants every reader to walk away with the hope that they’re not too far removed from being as successful as they set out to be. Many Readers out there in the world are probably wondering w getting financial tips for your upcoming projections or just reading about someone else’s testament to success. The articles can shed some light onto the readers own life story to push them to progress in their field.
Inspiration behind The Self-Made Magazine:
According to Brandon, it was since age eight that he wanted to own a newspaper. He absorbed motivation and lessons from his mother while she worked for The Baltimore Sun Newspaper Company. Years later the thought of a newspaper developed into considering the idea of a magazine. While speaking with Jones on the background story of the magazine, Brandon gives insight on the core values his mother taught him during her time with The Sun 1969248_10200173326132050_2292809793340693765_nNewspaper. “In my years growing up, my mother played a very key part in the newspaper. When it was determined that I wanted to achieve success in print, I was so sure that when I was old enough to get a job she would easily get me a job with the company. But to my surprise, my mother never helped me get hired and because of that, I vowed and was determined to never work for her publication, and to create one that would be better. So if anything, she taught me the value of working towards something instead of it being handed to you”, says Brandon.  That same drive and determination followed on throughout his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, and creating The Self-Made Magazine brand.
Now, Establishing The Self-Made Magazine and becoming an Entrepreneur; Brandon continues to be an example to his family and supporters. Coming from the city of Baltimore where the adults do their best to keep the youth out of the troubled streets, Jones feels that it is very important to show the youth that there’s still a chance by using
Self-Made Magazine to show them the fundamentals of becoming successful and owning their own business.
547240_10150871633146811_1568389153_nBrandon says, “If we have any chance of a better future as a community, it begins and ends with the youth. Instilling in them the core values of success and business will allow for them to have a different perspective on life, which in turn changes the course of how much opportunity they have and can acquire. Using myself as a template if you will, I can only continue to inspire them as I only know how and that’s by continuing the mission I have set forth with this Magazine, and creating opportunities for them in the process “.
The Self-Made Magazine Final Product & What’s Yet To Come:
On Jan, 5 2015, The Self-Made Magazine was released to the general public to begin the growth of this entrepreneur movement. When speaking with Brandon Jones about the feeling of this new accomplishment and movement, he responded with excitement. Jones said, “Of course, the normal “I did it, I finally did it!” echoed through my head, but the fact that I had an amazing staff was my main thought. I mean, this core group of mine worked twice as hard at making sure that the dream and vision I had in mind all these years, finally came to life. I was so appreciative of them at the time and I still am to this day. None of this would be possible without them, and I thought about that especially.”
The16214_10152558785671811_6506724857628025384_n Self-Made Magazine’s digital copies are available for $1.99 at The publication will be producing a
monthly publication that will be available in many black owned
businesses beginning in February. Brandon Jones was asked if The Self-Made Magazine Entrepreneurship Movement, could  be taken to the Baltimore School System to encourage young scholars and prepare them for a bright future in their career of choice. Jones responded by stating, “I’m always optimistic though, anything and everything can and will happen, especially if you work hard at it. So we’ll see. The future is

 Being Self Made…Made Strong…

Sammie Preston IV

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