Respect in the Hood….

Tamel Martin, Sr. is the owner of HoodRespect Clothing. This 34-year-old is from Baltimore (West Side), Maryland. His clothing line was developed to bring unity and respect back to the Hood (neighborhoods).

Tamel is passionate about giving insight to the youth about values -respecting their environment as well as others. He often shares his time -volunteering in elementary schools and on youth football fields; always cultivating the dreams.

hood2HoodRespect Clothing is here to fight for everyone because All Lives Matters, but by showing pure love to the African American youth it takes that statement a little farther “BLACK LIVES MATTER” -without the great positive minds of the Black Youth the Hood as well as this country will be in turmoil.

Following Tamel, I wanted to know a few more things….by asking him two questions. I have gained so much insight on what we can achieve if we all unselfishly work together for the common goal of protecting and encouraging the youth to become positive productive citizens.


RYG: What challenges have you faces in your pursuit for change?

Tamel: Getting people and the youth to believe in themselves and believe that anything is possible if they put their minds to it.

RYG: How can we bring all the Hoods (neighborhoods) together for peace?

Tamel:  By the adults taking our communities back and by being more active in our hoods like: parks, sports teams, and bring Recreational Centers back as well as get back to the old days because it takes a village to raise a child not just a household.hood1

Please support Tamel and HOODRESPECT CLOTHING…it takes all of us to help our HOODS flourish POSITIVELY.

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