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Michelle “Pebbles” Caldwell

Photographer & Music Manager

Baltimore, Marylandpebbles1

RYG: How did you start in photography?

MPC: My uncle was a photographer, and I remember seeing some beautiful pictures and asking him who was the photographer and he said, he was. After that, I started to become serious about photography. Now, I take pictures of my kid’s prom and dances. I applied myself and learned every aspect of the camera… I have been taking pictures ever since.

RYG: Where else have you taken photos?

pebbles2MPC: I started going to concerts for the of love music. I combined my loves -I started snapping pictures of all the artists that performed. Those images were so amazing that people wanted to purchase them… and” Pebbles’ the Photographer was born.

 RYG: I notice you’re also in music management. How long have you been managing artists?

MPC: 2 years…I am very serious and passionate about music and I want to help people accomplish their dreams. Right now, I am managing an outstanding group – “Amazin” made up of talented and smart young men: Xklue (Rapper), Savage (Rapper) and GodSon (R&B). We are doing a lot of “Amazin” things.

RYG: What are some things you would like to see happen for the talent in Baltimore?

MPC: The Talent in Baltimore is untapped and I wish someone would give them a chance to be heard.  It’s so much crime and everyone consistently telling them they can’t…can’t….can’t…I am here to say, yes you can!!!!


RYG: I feel ya!!! How do you feel when people say Baltimore is a copycat city?

MPC: I don’t feel like we are copy cats….we have our own swag, music, style and slang. One thing, we don’t stick together nor support each other. I feel  once everyone comes together, Baltimore will show the World exactly what we are made of. We are more than the Wire!!!!


RYG: Is there anything you would like to tell the up and coming artists?

MPC: Yes, be consistent and always enhance your craft. Please, don’t let your surrounding determine your future and

always work hard- stay on your grind because nothing will be given to you.

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