Rep Of The Week: Reeshia Da Barber…

Reeshia Da Barber

Arlington, Texas

IG: @reeshiadabarber

RYG: Tell us how a Colorado native landed in Texas?

I  moved to Texas during my freshman  year of high school.. my mom loved Texas….we just moved…lol

RYG: How/who introduced to the Grind of the blades?

Growing up I was accustomed  to seeing my mom styling hair in the house, at a shop, or wherever there was a combLOGO1 and brush present. So growing up watching her Grind, I decided to try it for myself, but with clipper because of lack of patience in style  women’s  hair, like she did. My mom inspired my hustle but my skills in art…produced from the talent that follows. I taught  myself to cut hair; I also learned a lot from going in the barbershops just watching. So that’s  how I guess…I was introduced  to the Barber life.

krave2RYG: Do you think the industry has changed for better or worst?

Most  definitely  changed for the better, more creativity in men styling -turning the old school  Era’s to new  school flare. The fellas are transitioning  from the same old traditional  fades to style that fit there swag. The art of the trade is  definitely trending  right now and I l love it!!!

RYG: Do you think female Barbers still encounter opposition in the industry? How can we combat this issue?

Yes. But, greatly rewarded with loyalty  if  she’s good at what she does. I think its 50/50 really, because skills kill the doubt and judgment of the pondering question; “Can she cut or Is she a barber or stylist”.  I think  hands (skills) is truly the deciding factor… and I think men rather have a  female groom them, but  men wanna know, “will she cut me better than o’boy.”

RYG: Words of Inspiration for future Barbers?

To future  Barbers  I would  say: love the trade and techniques of barbering rather then t headshot 2 (1)the love of free time and money…once you love what do the money will come rolling in…but with out the passion you will never see what you really can produce. Oh, never stop learning, that is the golden key.

Photos provided by Reeshia Da Barber

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