For the love of Vinyl…

The True Vine Record ShopIMG951528

3544 Hickory Ave

Baltimore, Maryland 21211

(410) 235-4500

Owner:  Jason Willett


True Vine Record Shop has been in the Hamden area for about 10 years, but Jason’s musical journey started as a youngster. His mother was a song writer in the 60’s –that’s how she met Jason’s father and have been married for 47 years.

Growing up Jason had numerous musician and countless singers coming to his home.  Being exposed to every type of music you could think, it was in his blood. He got a job at a record shop near where he at the time, but could not get with the chain shops restrictions and basic music.  After getting fired a few things, someone did give him a chance to be a little creative, but soon he was, yeah fired again.

Now, Jason decided to do what he should’ve been working on at the beginning, opening his own record shop and he did –putting the needle on the vinyl ever since.IMG951526

With having his own record shop, Jason also has his own record label and perform with multiple bands.

“Mega Phone”                  “Half Japanese”

“I have done what I love and that is what keeps my body in perfect harmony”

                                                                                                                  ~Jason Willett

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