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A. Ty Cook, Writer

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wWhat Inspired this Book on Prayer and how long did it take to write it?

In devotionals I prayed unto God for what to minister next for a Monday Bible Study in 2005.  The Lord placed upon my spirit to teach on prayer.  The response within the Bible Study and amongst friends at other churches was enormous.  Through the enormity of the responses, the Lord pressed upon my spirit how important it was to share the information with the masses through the writing of a Prayer book.  The Lord continued to pour in me Elements of Prayer even as I took a year to organize and give a concert having numerous gospel choirs, preachers, pastors and headlining Vicki Wynans; all of which to help promote the church’s retreat site.

After the concert our Monday Bible Study more heavily delved into the Prayer Elements and God more strongly began writing through me.  The study on the Elements initially was to have lasted 7 to 8 weeks, but continued for almost a year and a half.

The Lord further pricked my spirit to empower 100,000 new and truthful prayer warriors, as He continued

to strongly pour precepts and mysteries even after concluding the study on prayer within the Bible Study.

I take so little credit for the writing of this Book/Document; outside of the Lord granting me the obedience to listen to His words being poured.

The Book/Document was completed at the end of 2008.  Then came the arduous task of reducing the page count from 600 pages down to 400 pages.  It was then copy-written in 2011.

This is your first book written?

Yes, but it is my second literature writing.  The first open writing was about abominations.  I humbly accept the fact the Lord could have used anyone to write this strong document, yet He found my heart in right condition for the task.  For that I do say thank the Lord.

Tell us about the 8 Elements of Prayer?

Numerous prayers within the Bible, including the Disciples Prayer, include these Elements of Prayer:

Acknowledgment, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Request, Discernment, Sign, Pre-Praise Thanksgiving and Meditation. This Document strongly stresses the greater effectiveness of prayer through PROGRESSION from one Element to the next.  Proper and truthful Acknowledgment must precede strong Adoration.  Likewise strong Adoration and truthful Acknowledgment best prepares our spirits to give the Lord Thanks.  Those first three Elements are even essential to then prepare our spirits to make a request of God; in the Spirit instead of in the flesh. And on and on.  Overall, the PROGRESSION of these 8 Elements of Prayer helps with the effectiveness of our prayers.

What is the importance of PROGRESSING through Prayer?

Proper PROGRESSION through prayer accomplishes a few things:

First, it helps to sensitize our spirits unto the Lord’s Spirit and unto the Lord’s voice’s directions.

Second, it helps to more greatly usher us into the manifestation of the Lord’s Spirit and His presence.

Third, it helps our being changed through prayer, rather than our trying to change God’s mind about what we are requesting and about what it is we think we need from Him.

All of these accomplishments through progression help to maximize the effectiveness of our having a

communal experience with the Lord, rather than our approaching prayer as simply a session of monologue where we only cry out to Him.  The eternal question is, “What difference does it make to pray if we never hear a word or directions from God?  Communion is the key!

Where are the Books available for purchase?

The Document and the Workbook are available on the website:  www.powerfulprayerprogression.com

and on Amazon.  It is available in local stores, also, and more stores are being added nationally as we speak


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