Polished. Traveled. Connected.

Ok Grinders, can I say Ultimate Grinder…Nakia Dedmon, is it!!! She is a hard worker entrepreneur and I was elated she curved time to share her journey with us.

 Being a serial entrepreneur, tell us about some of the business you currently own.

I  curretly own three businesses, Polished Nail & Skin Care Boutique, located at 9006-3 Liberty Rd, Randallstown, MD, Destination Eden Travel and I’m an Independent Business Owner with ACN where offer our clients money saving alternatives to essetial servives like gas an electric, cable, home and business phone service, POS, and internet.

 Does it become difficult to manage all your ventures? Help us better manage our multitasking. 

Yes it does get difficult to manage as I am only one person and I am solely responsible for everything I do.  I try to schedule time to work on each business specifically but even that is difficult at times.  I just work it the best way I can which usually means I work arond the clock.

Was it difficult to start your travel agent business?

No, that was super easy.  Because I work from home, all I had to do was go online to register and pay my registration fee of $149 and then complete the online audio training and take the tests associated with each chapter of the training.  Upon completion, I was a certified travel agent!  This was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

What are some of the dangers of not hiring a travel agent?airplane

Not hiring a travel agent puts you at risk in a number of ways.  For example Travel Agenst help you with travel insurance which protects you in the event you need to cancel or reschedule your trip.  The insurance ensures that you can get your money back in the event of travel plan changes as well as illnesses.  Not using an agent also leaves you at the mercy of the internet as the pictures may not give a clear picture of the resort you’re visiting.  Agents also provide hotel transfers for you to ensure safe travels to and from the airport or ports of call!

 Do you have any upcoming events or meetings?

Our next travel party is Saturday, December 12th.  We have another scheduled in Baltimore on January 9th also.

 Words to the wise

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to eb prepared to work the hardest you’ll eer work in your life.  You are making an investment in yourself and your business as well as your future and because you are responsible for making decisions as wel as doing the work to make the business successful, you have to be prepared to work.  I also encourage those interested in being entreprenurs to do your research in the field you want to specialize in.  Learn all that you can about it and be well versed on the subject matter so that if you’ll know what you need to in order to be prepared.  Be sure to prioritize responsibilities and set deadlines to complete them.  This will ensure that tasks get done.  Always write things down, ideas, lessons learned, goals (especially) and use this info as a blueprint of how you should move forward in your business as time goes on.  Lastly, remember that there is no such thing as failure.  Failure only represents one way not to do something!  Each day we are given is a new opportunity to get it right!


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