Out of my comfort zone

My solo trip to Mobile, Alabama on Aug 19, 2017, was an exciting one. The experience of driving; especially by myself, was intimidating at first but then I decided fear is not going to be an option for me anymore.

My Journey…

I left Mississippi on a Saturday early afternoon on US49 to US98, I saw the Sweet Home Alabama sign around 4 pm. The drive was only about 4 hours, which was fine with me because I wanted to sightsee. On my journey the traffic was light, the drive was nice but I did encounter some storms in a couple spots in Mississippi; however, I made it to Mobile, Alabama safely.

Now I’m in Mobile…

I researched places to see before visiting Mobile and the first stop on my list was the Cathedral Basilica. Walking in was beautiful and people were in the midst of prayer. I sat quietly -taking in what I had only seen on TV; it was so peaceful, and the statues of Jesus and Mary were breathtaking. After leaving…I walked around on Dauphin street, I saw a strip of stores and restaurants on both sides of the street, but since I was late…many stores were closed already. As walked around, I became hungry -wanting some good ole BBQ. There was a BBQ place named Dreamland that was 10 mins away from where I was standing, which was on the list of “popular and affordable restaurants” on google. The reviews I read were great and the prices were good enough for me. As I entered Dreamland, the environment was laid back every one eating and talking. I was then greeted by a cheerful waitress named Sheryl and she was wonderful. She was so nice and helpful…she told me about the Big daddy tea, which I agreed to get along side the half rack rib plate. Oh, my goodness is all I have to say. The ribs were juicy, tender, and meaty. I got full off the ribs before I had a chance to touch my sides, which was the mac-n-cheese and baked beans (homemade sauce), and I topped off with a banana pudding for dessert.

Stomach full…ready for more sites.

I went to the Mobile Convention Center, which was also closed but I still took some great pictures of the ships, the history, and the water. The peacefulness I felt while taking in the scenery was amazing. The weather wasn’t hot nor cold but just right with a light breeze off the water.

My notes:

Before visiting Mobile or anywhere, research extensively. I didn’t and didn’t get a chance to truly experience the storefront shops and boutiques, but I still had an opportunity to experience the essence of Mobile, Alabama.
If you have visited Mobile, tell us about your journey and the places you enjoyed. See you soon.




Shonda D Taylor

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