On the Scene: Young Tizz…”In My Life”

On the scene this week is  “Young Tizz”. I have been watching this young man for a few months now. His expression of words, will have  you hitting repeat over, over, and over again.

I don’t know what happened in his life, but his words are alive –giving you visualization into his life.

Young Tizz is a serious Emcee with Hella spit!!!

cashland2It all started with…

It’s Only Us Entertainment” was created in March 2014 by two brothers; Ronnie & Shawn aka “Young Tizz”. They have been focused on building and promoting their brand through; Tee Shirts, Promo CD’s, and Video’s on YouTube as well as several other platforms.  cashland

The Emcee; Young Tizz is repping for East Baltimore from Ashland & Bradford better known as “Cashland” –naming his CD; “Mr. Cashland”. Tizz is not just a CEO, but he also a master lyricist and songwriter. Check out his music and follow him at the links below:


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