On the Scene: Missle “Born to hold the Mic”


Baltimore, Maryland

Missle also known as Jason Vorheiz, was born in West Baltimore. Life for Missle started kind of rough but he had an awesome opportunity to performed, “Self Destruction” at the 5th Grade closing exercise with a couple of classmates. There he realized he had a talent for creating art, but  trouble had a way of coming back…missle2

In the 1990’s, Missle found himself in and out of jail but that 5th grade moment constantly fueled his desired to do what he was born to do…hold the mic.  Missle decided to do a solo project and start his our company (Rep Ya Hood Entertainment) with a childhood friend; Ronald Paul aka Ron G. but once again, there were a pause. While incarnated, Missle had a chance to reflect about his life and what he wanted to do with it. Upon being released in 2009, he went full force into the life he was always met to do …music.

Missle started  and released his first solo mix cd “Bodymore Volume1 Nuclear Missle”. The energy from that project motivated him to Grind even harder to finish what he started. With such success with Volume 1; Missle released “Bodymore Volume2 Westnam” and he recently dropped his third project, “Bodymore Volume 3 4Ten Certified”. missle


Missle have performed at several venues such as Club Reality, Club Sonar, Velvet Rope, Club 12 in DC, and Club Belueix in Richmond Virginia.

Missle has proven that you too can journey from the street to your true destiny

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