On the Scene: Drex (Proper Introduction)


Baltimore, Maryland



Drex is an Recording Artist, Poducer, and Song Writer from Baltimore MD. He first began doing music as a teenager and gradually emerged into producing music for other artists. Drex/LTG has a style of music that is universal but it’s not your typical hip-hop or pop sound but rather a complex fusion of many genres put together for one complete sound. His last two CDs “Proper Introduction” (2012) and “If Only you knew” (2013) has received positive reviews from multiple key figures in the Baltimore hip-hop scene. Both CDs can be streamed for free and purchased at http://drexltg.bandcamp.com/

Drex has been praised as well as buzz about because of his unique flow…  His upcoming project is scheduled to release March 2014 titled, “Tomorrow Inspires Today,” it is anticipated to be even more legendary then the last two releases.


Drex aka L.T.G ( Lirical The God ) is also the CEO of T.M.E.P ( True Music Element Productions ) which has hosted some of Baltimore’s most talented lyricist such as Flash Gordon and PJ aka Patt Bean. This year (2014),  Drex plans to have multiple live performances both locally as well as throughout the country. A list of dates are available on his website.


Represent with Proper Introduction….

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