Oh, Now you want to be Gray!

Oh, now you want to be gray!!

Back in the day, having a gray hair strand was a symbol of getting old. You start making excuse with sayings like; “Gray hair is a sign of wisdom”, yeah right. You would see women as well as men coloring their hair darker…no one wanted that gray hair to show but things have changed. I don’t know who started it but it’s now a fashion statement! Since it’s a fashion trend…now you want to be Gray…lol

 I do like it when it’s done correctly.

Now, almost everyone wants the “gray hair” look, but many are doing this transformation themselves. Do you know it takes lifting (bleaching) your hair to the highest level (10) then placing semi-color to achieve the true gray greypinkexperience? This transformation is damaging to the hair; especially if you don’t know what you are doing. When bleaching you lose your hair pigment; blue first, next red, then yellow (stop at yellow) because after yellow… kiss your hair goodbye.

Hair Supply stores are being flooded with “Youtube Stylists”, coloring and lifting hair without the true concept of hair color. Please, allow the professionals to give you the look you desire. What seem cheaper (doing it yourself) could become costly at the end.

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