Let’s take a moment to talk about working toward your dreams.  Work is an exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil, productive or operative activity.


We often sit and imagine how we want our lives to be, but most times we don’t work the work that’s in us to achieve it.  When you develop your ideas or what you want to do, write it down(work); start researching (work), write your business plans (work), find a mentor (work), find financial solutions (work)…do you understand why I keep putting work in ()s? Everything we do to accomplish our dreams; we must work.


car You have a car sitting in the drive way and want to drive it to the store. Well, does the car work on its on? No, you have to do several things to make it work. Unlock the door, seat down, place key in the ignition, turn the key, put the gear in R, push the accelerator, turn the steering wheel… and, that’s just to go in reverse.

Do you get the idea… Even when we think things are simple, they really require a lot of work.



So, remember in order to RepYoGrind…first you have to WORK TO HAVE A GRIND TO REP!!!

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