Nosey Neighbors…

What’s the fuss, I’m all ears to hear the news

What you so sick, and sad for?
I’m up to hear all of your blues
I wouldn’t tell a soul
As long as you tell me all the drama that unfolds
Sweet tell me all the goods
eyesSitting on the front stoop 
Sights and chats of all the troubles
I just humming my tunes, while I tap my shoes
I have been here all my life
I know who been sleeping around this town
That’s why it’s more new mothers than wives
Before they can vow to give one person their true love
Spreading legs so much everyone knew their business out in these streets
They loved the whole neighborhood so much
After they gave the love up
Out of sight out of mind
they quickly moved away
I sat in this fine cherry wooden chair
Looking out into the world views from my window
Little girls popping that gum
Sang songs as they jumped for joy through the rope
I knew it all, and if you weren’t good to me, I told it all
Just remember you didn’t hear it from me.
by Sammie PrestonIV

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