No need to Chase…On the Way!!

No Chase

Grinders, the first time I heard this young man music…I was impressed with the sound of his music and the smooth texture of his melody. Check out interview with “No Chase”

RYG: Introduce yourself to the RepYoGrind Family.
Hey wassup guys ….I’m not really a guy of  many words….I just like to make dope music and try my best to become the version of thyself but here it goes….I am a singer/songwriter….mainly a songwriter from Forestville Maryland….I love all types of music from reggae to soul to synth pop… I can take influence from a lot of genres…but my main influences in my music are R.kelly,Marvin Gaye, the dream, donny hathaway, Luther vandross, and mase. I know that last one doesn’t really fit with my other influences haha but harlem world is the cd that made me start listening to music that was going on with the current generation of music at the time.
RYG: How did you start in the music industry?
Ummmm…It’s weird …I’ve always known I had a talent for melody …but I started putting pen to pad about 2 years ago ….I signed a publishing deal about 5 months ago …So that’s exciting ….I don’t have anyone musically inclined in my family( except for my uncle but I’ve seen him like 4 times in my whole lifetime so I’m pretty sure he had no influence on my talents…(sorry unc…I love you doe)…..But yea man that’s about it ….Hahaha

RYG:  How long have you been writing music?
Yea 2 years lls that sounds about right LOL At least seriously …But I used to always write down my thoughts when I was younger…So maybe I was just practicing for what was to come
RYG: How did you come up with the name “No Chase”?
UMMMMM….I prefer my liquor mixed with no juice due to my tendency to have bad hangovers after a night of drinking LOL And also my lyrics will never be hard to figure out…I look up to lyricists back in the day like Otis redding and Marvin Gaye that had heart felt lyrics that you could relate and fully understand after listening to it the first time.I do believe your lyrics shouldn’t go like thru…to …who ….shoe….But I want my music to convey a certain emotion…..Whether it’s sex, love, the lack there of ….etc….so yea ….For the sake of non rapping you up LOL I just like my lyrics to be straightforward 🙂
RYG:  Have you encountered any trouble in your journey? If so, how did you overcome?
I mean yea ….I wouldn’t say I have the most supportive fam...But you just gotta keep going …You know ….You have only life that you can control….And everybody needs their something to do …I prefer mine to be music
RYG:  What advice would you give the next generation of musical artist?
Ummmm due to my humility ….I won’t say much because I have not achieved what I am trying  to yet…I don’t necessarily feel I have to credentials yet to direct the next generation ….But I am working towards that goal and to reaching my zenith ….What I will say is this…..We should definitely say open minded as artists and build each other up …It’s too much thinking you are sh….You know what …and that stunts growth……Yea you can believe that you are the biggest turd in your toilet….Okay this going way to left LOL Ok let me word it like this …..But if you are the biggest fish in a little pond …You have to question how big you really are….Conceit and defeat are first cousins …Shonuff 🙂


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