Mr. Mince is in the building…Not a game!!!

Jeremy “Mr. Mince Mincey


Grinder, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. Mince but you may know him as; Jeremy Mincey, #92 Defensive End for the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, this is not about his football career…you can visit Wikipedia for that…this is about Mr. Mince musical career.

Mr. Mince is in the building and it’s not a game!!!!

RYG: Mr. Mince, you started as a basketball player then transition to football in College; did you know music would be a part of your journey?

MR. MINCE: Yes. Since I was a small child. Truth be told since I can remember. All genres was a part of my life.

RYG: Many athletes have attempted to transition into music without much success; in what ways do you plan to sustain?mr.mince1

MR. MINCE: Most athletes were never musicians to began. I was definitely before I touched any court or field. It was definitely my first passion and my last avenue. It can change the worlds outlook on life. I genuinely understand its power. That’s what separates me.

Jeremy Mincey have worked with some fosho heavy hitting athletes but his musical journey has given the opportunity to work with some legendary and lyrical Artists such as Scarface, Young Cash, J. Dash, Greg Hardy, and more many. I visited his production site and listened over and over and over again -loving every song. Take a listen…let me know what you think!

RYG: Being a lover of music, would you tell us some of your fav (past and present) artists in the industry? And, why?

MR. MINCE:  Fleetwood Mac/ outkast/Scarface/2pac/ Biggie/ Isley Brothers the list goes on. We’ll be here all day. Honestly, the ones who stayed true to themselves and their craft. Music is the ultimate art of self expression. Need that feeling back.

RYG: If you could change anything about your journey thus far, what would it be or would you keep it just as it is, and why?

MR. MINCE: Keep it the same.Playing ball has taught me discipline, team work and perseverance. I use those same core values in the music industry .

RYG: What are some projects you are working on or you have coming up?

MR. MINCE: My album ” Well Rounded ” (feel good music vol 1) scheduled for summer with features from Mystikal, Scarface, Kevin Gates, Pastor Troy ,K-Rino and Team MMP… Men Moving Positive is the new movement. I chose A lot of legends mixed with up and coming to give it that universal flavor.

RYG: Word of encouragement for future athletes with multiple interests.

Mr.mince3MR. MINCE: Keep your head in the game and out of the streets. God is real and you only go as far as your faith carries you…. Don’t be afraid to maximize your full potential on this earth.

If you follow Mr. Mince NFL career; follow his musical journey! It’s more than just work!!

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