More than a Doctor…

Doctor Drai, OBGYN & Radio Personality

Checking my Google Plus on Wednesday and there was an add from Dr. Drai; so I did what I do best- researched him…and watched his videos; I enjoyed everything he had to share and his topics are off the chain but so true. That is why he is the “Rep of the Week”.

Dr. Draion Burch, had loved medicine even as a little child. While other children were playing video games; Draion was recruiting his cousins to be his patients…trying to cure any problems that may have had.

After becoming an adult…he obtained multiple degrees and national recognition in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology, but the words of his mother about the journey of his grandmother’s fight with Ovarian Cancer shaped him into the dedicated and personal doctor he has become. It’s not only important for him to cure the disease or the issues of his patients but also heal the issues of the family. His videos give you an in-depth view on the topics that we as women face every day.

Dr. Drai RepHisGrind to fullest –making sure his patients as well as their families function to their full capacity….health; mind body, and soul!

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