SHANEISHA DODSON, CEO of  Black Girlz Production

RYG: Would you tell us about Black Girlz Productions?

Black Girlz Productions, LLC was founded 01/01/12.  We produce plays and educational DVD’s. Also, we are working on our first web-based show, Black Girlz Talk. Our company motto is “Dream Big or Go Home”!

RYG: Has it been a difficult process to start?

No, it was easy for me. We have had some rough patches here and there but nothing that we could not overcome. The most difficult part is finding promoters that you can trust. When dealing with them, it’s hit or miss. You have to pray about it and keep it moving.

RYG: I would love to hear some juicy details about “Cheating on your Mistress”.

We are currently touring with Cheating on my Mistress and plan to release a DVD in time for the holidays. The play is about a successful man named Carmelo Miller. He has a boat load of money, a trophy wife named Cynthia, and a body that will make any woman scream…“good lawd!” Looking from the outside in, you would think everything was peaches and cream. However, there is one major problem. He is not honoring his vows. As Carmelo battles with serving two masters, his perfect world comes to a quick halt when a young vibrant video vixen named Monique dances her way into his life.cheating

RYG: Where did you get the concept?

The concept for Cheating on my Mistress came from a book that I wrote in 2009. The title and book came to me in a dream.  I think the play is relevant because cheating in always a popular topic.  It’s a lot of people in the world who like to have their cake and eat it too.

 RYG: What’s new in the works for Black Girlz Productions?

I have a few projects in the work.  I’m currently writing a new play and planning to get Black Girlz Talk off the ground.

RYG: Being an accomplish business woman; What’s next for Shaneisha Dodson?

Hmmmm. What’s next? I’m thinking the sky is the limit. I’m currently pacing myself to take my business to the next level. It’s not a lot of women who are touring with theatrical productions so I plan to continue on this awesome journey until my back gives out.  I’m also getting ready for our next show scheduled to hit New Iberia, LA 11/01/13.

RYG: Words of Inspiration?

A lot of times people are afraid of being successful so they don’t take that first step in turning their dreams into a reality because they fear failure. Everyone successful has failed at something. At the end of the day, you have to believe in your abilities, and find a mentor that is where you want to be in life.


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