M. R. P(Mississippi Rappers & Producers)

Join the groups on Facebook…Mississippi Rapper & Producers 4,503 followers, Mississippi Rappers & Producers 1700 followers

I was so happy to see Mississippi uniting  -bring positive awareness about music and the culture (still) with in the State that I LOOOOOVVVEEE!!!!

Chauncey, why was it so important to form M.R.P. (Mississippi Rappers and Producers) Group on Facebook?

The purpose of forming M.R.P. was so that artist and producers in Mississippi can network, share ideas and come together as one. It’s actmusicalnoteually two (2) Groups with close to 6000 members total worldwide not just people that live in Mississippi.


What can we do as Mississippian to bring positive attention to Mississippi?

Keep creating quality music and networking with others to show them that Mississippi isn’t just the images that they see from old videos from the past. The new Mississippi is loaded with great talent from the Gulf Coast all the way up to the Tennessee state line.


Being a promoter of Mississippi, tell us about your clothing line.

My clothing line will mainly just represent Mississippi. With hat, tees, sweatshirts and hoodies. My main goal is to keep it on a local level. Supplying people with quality clothing at an affordable price.


Words of Wisdom for future Grinders.

Four words Believe In Your Brand. Also create a solid team of grinders who are looking to succeed. You need a solid team in order to make millions and billions but most importantly you need a solid vision.


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