Meet me in the alley

The Alley

3730 Edmondson Ave

Baltimore, Maryland 21229



Before “The Alley” was formed, Ashleigh were sailing clothing out the trunk of her car –until one day her sister Erica asked about starting a consignment shop.  Being in love with fashion, Ashleigh was excited…so, she, her sister, and friends (Rome & Marrty) got together to form “The Alley”.DSCN0266

“The Alley” has a youthful yet mature atmosphere that offers designer resale as well as new one of the kind pieces. I purchased several pieces that were awesome; this is the place you need to visit and if you don’t have time to shop, The Alley also offers personal shopping.

DSCN0267In The Alley you can found Erica’s clothing line called, “Rich Soul”, slogan “ you can’t go broke with a rich soul”. The Alley also carries local designs such as Be-z and Kourtney B.  There is great things in the Alley, go check them out.




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