Master Lyricist

Jacob Mayberry, Poet/Rap Artistjacobmayberry

Poetry world known as “Black Chakra”

Rap Industry known as “J. Tesla”

Baltimore, MD


RYG: How long have you been writing/speaking poetry?

JM: I have been writing poetry since the age of 12. During high school my teach and I started a poetry club.

RYG: How is the poetry scene in Baltimore?

JM: I think Maryland is the best state for poetry. We have multiple venues for every levels of artists. I noticed it’s kind of hard getting to the upper level –you got to get your grind on, and I am preparing to be one of the elite.

RYG: Tell me how the poetry scene differs from the Rap scene?

jacob mayberryJM: One night I would be doing spoken word and the next night I would rap but it’s kind of hard; if you are a poet; many rap venues won’t show you love and if you are a MC at a spoken word slam, they will crap on you. I once had one of the best spoken word artists tell me, I AM NOTHING. I have been upper my words ever since. I’ve always been solid as a rapper, but now my spoken words are more than he can chew!

RYG: I noticed your girlfriend is a powerful lyricist. How did you meet?

JM: She was in a competition where I was judges, her lyrics were so deep and honest, which should’ve gotten first place but she came in third. After listening to her, I fell in love –her words captured my lyrics and now we spit (speak poetry) together.

 RYG: That’s off the chain.  Would you spit for my audience?

JM: Sure.

jacobmayberry1“I spit with Lazarus saliva- reanimating words.

I’m doctor Franken rhyme eager to give life into a art form

that gave me my existence. 


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