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Jay Mall Made In Mississippi

Grinders, I am happy to feature one of Mississippi’s outstanding Hip Hop Artists, Jay Mall. His interview is heartfelt…the love for his State shows in every words. “Many people look over Mississippi, but did you know what’s on the bottom is holding everyone else up”.

Mississippi is a State rich in History but also rich in talent. Check out my interview with Jay MallMade In Mississippi“.

Tell us how you started in music.

Jay Mall: Well, I got started in music by making beats then I was told I should try to rap over some of my own beats so I tried it and ever since I’ve been in love with coming up with creative word play.

How has Hip Hop change in theDirty South“?

Jay Mall: I feel Hip Hop is more dance & less Rap right now.  The dance songs are taking over which is cool but they don’t last long because it’s always a new dance coming out. You can almost mumble on a song now as long as you rhyming and make it catchy.

Why is it so important toRep Mississippi“?

Jay Mall: It’s important to Rep Mississippi because that’s where I’m from and sometimes it’s a real challenge to make it from here and I’ve always felt I could beat the odds.  Although I feel that the support from my State could be Screenshot_2015-11-02-15-10-32-01greater, I really appreciate the ones who do support my music, events, & brand. (Made In Mississippi)


 In what way can the media help bring exposure to Mississippi Music Artists?

Jay Mall: If people would only pay more attention to what the state has to say, we could be just as big as any other state talent wise. Some of the most successful people are from Mississippi.

 I love your clothing lineMade In Mississippi“. Tell us more about your line and where we can find it.
Jay Mall: Thank you! Well, Made In Mississippi is something I came up with a few years ago but it was just for the title of a mix-tape that I was working on at the time which ended up being pushed back but the name stuck around so I decided to do something with it and I dropped the Mix-tape on Live Mix-tapes last year which was hosted by DJ Break Em Off (he has also worked with Big Krit).  A few months later I came up with the idea of bringing some other Mississippi artist together for a song collaboration.  The project ended up featuring 11 other artists and I name the song “Made In Mississippi” which also produced a video and gained exposure from WXVT News, Bolivar Commercial Newspaper, The Hype Magazine, &  Right after that I started to sell the “Made In Mississippi” t-shirts and the support has been incredible.  Since then I have added sweaters, hoodies, & jogger sets for men, women & kids.  To purchase you can visit, Follow on Instagram @JayMall4 ,  or Twitter @JAYMALL

Words of Inspiration

Jay Mall: Life gets a lot easier when you gain the strength to ignore certain things…focus & determination beat is the key.

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