Music helped me 2 become…


Grinders, this young man’s energy is off da chain. I have seen him perform and you can see the passion he has…radiating through his lyrics. Here is more about LorDiddy…

quest1What inspired me to become an artist is actually my little brother “Arthur”  aka B.G.; he has been an artist sense he was 10 years old but I didn’t start until I was 16. We used to sit around and have freestyle cyphers; I would jump in and spit probably 2 or 3 bars and start laughing and my brother used to get mad because he knew I had it in me.  I stopped playing and started writing and been every sense.

quest2What’s crazy I hear that; I don’t sound like a Baltimore rapper all the time. I think that that’s good for me. But, the way I would try to get my sound coast to coast is to network with rappers from the west coast and see how/what their music sounds like and and see if I can bring my creativity and swag into the mix with collaborations and features.

quest3I would like my audience to know that I am a hard working artist, a father of 3, and I’m just an average man with dreams to be great. I love God, my family and music… if it wasn’t for music I probably would be dead or in jail.


quest4Some positive advice I can give to the youth… you guys are the future of this country; stay in school, stay positive, find something you love to do and do it to the best of your ability. Never let anyone tell you you can’t be something in life.. you can be or do whatever you want your put your mind too.

quest5Some words I can give future hip hop artists is just be yourself either they gonna like it or not and always write and explore your artistic creativity and always stay humble…when being criticized. Last, be open to new ideas and different music.

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