Life in the DMV



RYG:  Tell us about is the number one DMV website. It’s the most comprehensive entertainment website our area has ever had.
RYG: Who are the members of TEAM DMVLIFE.COM?
tr dmv lifeI am definitely the driving force of the company. We have some talented people working hard behind the scenes on But I have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to establish our position as the pre-eminent DMV entertainment website. Growing up in the DMV there were never any outlets for DMV talent, that is why I made… to be that outlet that everyone can utilize to shine a light on the talent in our area.
RYG: How have DMVLIFE.COM used it’s media presence to influence positive change within the DMV community?
DMV Life provides an open platform for artists to express and display their creativity. We provide opportunity for networking, marketing and branding. More importantly we give our local artists the foundation home base support and confidence they need to move on to the next steps toward success in their careers.
RYG: What obstacles do you feel artists face now that was not a factor in the early years?
A current obstacle artists face is a lack of support in areas of artist development and marketing their brand. Rather than the major labels giving the artists guidance once they are signed they expect your brand to be fully built and functioning by the time they discover you. This leaves a major need for media support, public relations experts and a solid fan base. Being a reputable media outlet affords us the ability provide an audience for the artist as well as advertisement, two very necessary services.
RYG: How can we as media outlets do more to help up & coming talents in the DMV area?Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.15.26 PM
Media outlets can continue to provide heavy coverage of up coming talent. There are so many hard working talented artists that deserve to receive shine. The media tells the story but it also opens eyes, influences opinion and broadens horizons. Media support of indie artists is an invaluable asset.

Words of inspiration?

Decide what you want. Prepare for your success. Believe in yourself. Avoid the negative. Let go of the past. Never give up.

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