Inside the Laughter with The Barbie of Comedy



FB: Barbie Brooks

Youtube: Lady Renee

The moment I heard Lady Renee; as we called her at the time, I realized she had a natural talent for comedy. Her funny, witty, and quick tongue gives you the laughter you seek when you attend her shows or open mic events.

Barbie of Comedy is her now name and she is just that -giving you spicy material that is current and straight off the cuff. Her skills and versatility allow her entertain any audience setting.  Not only is she a outstanding comedy, she is a Host, a fashionista, a Radio Host, and the Winner of the  2016 RepYoGrind Awards “Comedian of the Year”.

Come take a journey with me inside the Laughter with Barbie of Comedy.

How did you start a career in Comedy?

I was always the one everywhere I went. My best friend K- Swift(RIP) tried to push me into doing stand-up comedy. After her passing another close friend that is a Ryder sister to me name KB invited me to a Comedy Show; I went and met the headliner name Kleon Keith. After meet him and he said I can come for his weekly Sunday night show at Milton’s Grill…the birth of Lady Renee (Barbie of Comedy) and the rest is history.

Give us some of your favorite comedian superstars? Why?

Favorite Comedians… Sommore is my inspiration. She is one of the best and realist female comedians, I love her style. I love Monique she is from Baltimore and she has took her comedy to the levels I want to go too; she is also one of my favorite host. Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor my all time favorites for the same reason the boldness to change the game two of the most funniest comedian ever. Oh, Kevin Hart; I love all his stand up. He keeps me laughing and he got big. Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey for the same reason they are not violent or dirty comedians but they are funny and we have all love them both at one point.

Tell us the name and about your online Radio show?

Rap Ta Scrap show! Mon-Sat 8 am-12 morning show and Happy hour show at 6 pm same days!! I have a popular segment I created call Take around the world with Barbie Brooks!!! My Co Host Apple Scrapple and InDi ReMy and Our Dj Big Nick

What is your most memorable moment?

Being on WNUV TV 54 Lauren Lakes Paternity Court!!! Going international on TV is the best!! I am now noticed by people all over the world. I sign autographs now and the opportunity open up many New doors!!!

Do you have any upcoming events?

I will be performing a 30 mins stand up show at Dave and Busters. I have a leading role in the web series; Hack Man, as the Therapist coming to YouTube January 10th.

How did you feel winning 2016 RepYoGrind Awards Comedian of the Year?

The best feeling I ever had, I was not expecting to win. The competition was good and when my name was call all I felt like dancing. So, I danced on the walk to the stage and I danced when I got on stage.. Definitely a memorable moment for me.. RepYoGrind give grinders like myself the opportunity to know we winning and it showed me people really see my grind.. Winning assures me to keep doing what im doing.. Grinding!! Thank you

Words of Inspiration.

Find a way to follow your dreams. You have to grind or you will be left behind. Study your craft and it will last. Don’t let anything get in your way…anything is possible today. When I first started comedy I didn’t know where I wanted to go with it but once I set a goal and made plans things started happening.

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