E. Bannister Couture Presents: L’affaire du blanc et noir

Bannister Couture Presented

L’ affaire du Blanc et noir

June 14, 2015, 3PM

Lord Baltimore Hotel in the Grand Ballroom


The case of black and white”…is the translation of the title but this event was more like a spectacular in black and white”!

E.Bannister Couture Presented: “l’ affaire du Blanc et noir” at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, on June 14, 2015. Can you say Awesome!!!! I haven’t attended a fashion show with such elegance in a few years. The music had the melody of ParisDSCN0961 in the spring time…the chairs placed neatly with programs and guest’s names…the greeters was warm and courteous…Oh, did I say AWESOME!!!

The excitement started from the beginning with the $2000 Designer Scholarship Competition. The Designers…competing for this great scholarship was Jasmine Ward and Sheena Johnson. They both were asked questions about their love of fashion and the reason why they decided to enter the competition. Jasmine was the first to answer the questions given by host Caprece Jackson-Garrett…I felt lack of DSCN0968passion in the answers she rendering; seeming no love for fashion –doing it as a hobby instead of a career. But, when her garments hit the runway, they are gorgeous, but the lack of passion stayed in my mind and maybe in the judges’ as well. Jasmine did take the award for Best in Construction in garment creation.

If I had to give advice to anyone who’s Grinding for the love of something…let everything about you and your passion be displaced in words and actions…no one will be excited; even interested in your… if you aren’t!!! “Message”!

Next up was student designer; Sheena. When she answered the questions about why, what, and how…she gave the DSCN0971impression…she bleed, eat, sleep and drink fashion…! Her words and facial expressions displaced the reason why her garments where so fabulous –hearing the ooooww’s and ahhhh’s, you knew exactly why her language said, I love what I do!!!! By the way, she won!!! Sheena was the winner of the Essay and Portfolio Award, Best Runway Presentation, and of course, $2000 Scholarship.

The QG Department Store presented fashion from their 6 floors of greatest –something for the entire family…I must visit QG very soon. Did you know, QG Department Store started as a Barber Shop? That really grabbed my attention –being a Barber myself that enlightened my mind –starting small don’t mean staying small; your results are only as big as your Grind!

Next Designer to grace the stage, I know…it continues, but it was…yes, AWESOME!!! You getting the dialog of this blog now…lol. Ok back to featured Designer; Mr. Dermaine Johnson for Madison Walker dermaineFashion Show”… yes Dermaine, his name took me by surprise as well…I’m glad because his fashion scents stood out just as much as his name. This young man’s garments had me trying to move to the front row, I was truly impressed by his illustration of patterns and fabrics. E. Bannister, you done well with “young sky-walker”.



On deck was the silent auction, bids and winners for the QG Community Charities, which a 100% went directly to the charities. I thought that was the most AWESOME THING!!!

I have to mention the great vendors who were in the building….



Earle’s Couture Fashion had me and the other guests standing in awe; his take on couture was straight from the runways in Paris, France darling. I started mentally preparing my closet for some of those pieces.

The Models involved…were designed to wear those garments…everything fit the personalities of the ones wearing them. I was so elated to be a part of a great tour of fashion with E. Bannister and his team. By the way his team had everything on lock from the front door to the models changing area. I would like to shout out two men I know was part of that awesome team and who were functioning on fumes to assist Mr. Bannister’s vision; Mr. James Lily & Mr.Glenn Blount.

Job well done…can’t wait until the next one!!!

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